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Numbness in MS

How much time does the numbness and tingling feeling stay for people affected with MS? Is it constant for a long duration or does it last for only a few seconds and go away with little movement?

  1. I was Diagnosed in 2008 and I still have numerous & tingling. Sometimes it’s only in my hands & feet but there are times head, face, and my behind.
    I think I just get used to it being there. I don’t know if this helps or what you want to hear. I hope you are doing great

    1. Hi Debajit,
      thanks for the great question and something that so many of us here experience.

      For myself, I experience the numbness and mostly tingling in my right hand to the point that sometimes I can't feel what I'm holding. A warm microwaveable pack helps me somewhat. Also when walking, I'll have it on the bottom of my right foot. For me, it's not a constant thing and has been off and on these last 3 years.
      Hope this is helpful.
      Hope the articles will be helpful as well...Janus

      1. Hi , good question! Like a lot of MS symptoms, it can vary from person to person, and even from day to day for one person. Some people will have it go away and then have it reappear when they are triggered by a change in temperature or stress (

        some of my experience with numbness:

        1. I was diagnosed in 2016 and my hands are usually permanently numb but at night I get very intense tingling on my arms and legs that last about 45min to an hour. I usually try to get used to it or not think about it, massages don't make it go away but it feels good.

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