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I just read a story about fatigue from a gentleman named Devin. If only I could fit that awesome article on a post it note. I would keep one stuck on my forehead with several arrows pointing to it for all to read. This particular symptom has been with me for over two years now. When I say that I mean every day all day. It never lets up. I can finally say that out of eight cylinders I'm starting to run on three or four occasionally thanks to the fifth CNS stimulant. (One at a time over a two year period). I just assumed that this awfulness would pass like a bad flu bug. It never did. I have stayed positive and strong for a long time now never giving up on hope. I have seen a lot of words often used by people who are battling with the horribleness that comes with this disease. Hope. That is the single word that I tell myself every day. It helps with the fight! I even wear that word on my arm now. It is a simple reminder for me to stay strong. I wrote an article in November 2015 titled "lonely and frustrating". Not knowing how long this fatigue would last. Yes, those two words are very accurate in my daily life. Now when I'm asked how "I'm doing " instead of trying to express the daily struggles I just tell them to ask my 7 and 8 year old daughters. They are the ones who have the hardest time understanding why daddy can't do the things that he used to do with them a couple years ago. I am very thankful for what I am still able to do. Believe me I realize that there are many many other people in this world who are not able to do the things that I am still able to do. I promise you that there is nothing in life that I take for granted. EVERYTHING I have is thanked for every day. Keep up the good fight!! HOPE!

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