Spider Has Company!

Spider, you said you are older and still have no diagnosis. Me, too. I’m in my 7th decade of life and in the last couple of years, started having many, many symptoms of MS. Next month, I see my neurologist again. Been seeing him for about 3 years now, originally for possible Alzheimer’s. After taking a test, he assured me that there was no way I had Alzheimer’s. But here I am, not with Alzheimer’s, but all the forgotten words, trouble saying words, brain fog, etc. that I read about MS symptoms causing.

Learning to walk again

I have gone to PT numerous times, as I explained to my kids, to learn to walk again. Each time I’ve ended up falling again. Now, thanks to a very good podiatrist and prosodist. I have balance braces that help keep my feet pointed in the same direction and on my feet, albeit with a cane. Fatigue occurs very often.

A kindred spirit

At first, I just thought it was my age, but many times I can work really hard and long. Other days, I can’t get out of my recliner. If you would like to talk more about your situation, I think you would find a kindred spirit. I hope for both of us, that we get some confirmation or affirmation about our diagnosis.

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