Hummm 8 Hrs. Is Never Enough...

Hello, thanks for the article 8 hours is never enough. 10 yrs. ago before being diagnosed with MS it's when I started to have symptoms.

My days were turning into nights and nights into days

At that time I was still working. My days were 8 hours but once I was home 2 hours later trying to go to bed was very difficult because my days were turning in tonight and vice versa, so my days would begin with coffee. (I purchased a grind and Brew coffee make) The coffee would be much stronger and fresher because it would be ground directly from the bean and sustaining me through the day it worked (the office, that I worked at supplied hot fresh coffee throughout the day). 2009 go to funding cut my work and ended. I what's now home and using the computer to locate a new position, as I had said my days turned into lights my nights turned in today.

Sleep problems are common with MS

It wasn't until 2015 the neurologist I had diagnosed me as having chronic insomnia and prescribed a sleep aid then I still continue to take & in Feb 2019 I was diagnosed with MS. The information that I have found on this site, that's how I first learned about sleep problems being a common symptom of you haven't spoke with your physician abt. Your sleep concerns it would be a good idea to do so it can help out a lot 🙂.

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