Stronger Every Day

In order to better illustrate the erratic behavior of this disease. I woke up earlier than early yesterday morning with severe cramping in my right leg, hopped out of bed, went downstairs and brewed some coffee. Said my prayers, remembering to thank God for what I had left, and giving me the endurance to tolerate the chemotherapy I am currently undergoing to fight this unfriendly MonSter. I made a couple of PB & J sandwiches for lunch, packed my bag with my lunch and some fruit, and ordered a Lyft to Holy Name hospital’s infusion center all the way in Teaneck, NJ.

The day at the hospital starts with getting blood drawn so they have accurate information about the rest of my body’s erratic function brought on by this disease. Then I am released to go up to the second floor’s infusion center to meet with a doctor and a nurse practitioner where I receive the usual kudos for keeping myself in such good condition despite all that I have been through for which I credit God, my knowledge of diet, exercise and this disease and how to integrate the three. Talking to the staff I have interacted with thus far, it looks like I’ve got this part of the disease licked.

Now I am waiting for my next MRI which is usually ordered for August, around the time of my next Rituximab treatment. So my job now is to keep up with my grueling schedule of diet and exercise to keep the damage that this MonSter is trying to cause at bay. The doctors and staff at Holy Name hospital have been great by supplying me with treatment and information I need to win this battle.

I slept very well last night, woke up without muscle cramps, went downstairs and brewed coffee while praying and waiting for the caregiver to arrive to make breakfast and care for mom. Now I should take the dog for a walk because I can.

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