Looking back at what I’ve been through as I read personal accounts here makes me grateful to be here. It was February 2000 when I received my diagnosis. As I analyze my version of MS I am grateful to all who went through the trenches of MS.

Referred to an ophthalmologist for vision loss

In 1999, after neck surgery, I lost vision in the right eye and received a referral to an optometrist.

In 1999, the optometrist referred me to an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist analyzed me and sent me to the ER of the nearby hospital. Before I left the office, the doctor said, “It looks like MS." Included in ER procedures was a lumbar puncture. After completing ER procedures, I spent the next 3 days in the hospital receiving Corticosteroids and was released.

Diagnosed with MS

In February 2000, I visited the neurologist, who diagnosed me with MS. I cried as he gave me the diagnosis. He joined the tear party.

I’m thinking there was no cure for MS......

A needle!? No, thank you!

His correction of the disease was Avonex. I am thinking really, a needle.....?????!!!!!!?????!!!!!???!!! Since then, I’ve gone from injection therapy to taking pills and infusion. I am feeling grateful to this second for not having to stick myself with a needle.

Grateful for more MS treatment options

As I live with the diagnosis, MS has gone from no medication to injections to pills and infusions. I’m grateful for being relieved of the needle to pills and infusions!!!!!

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