Work, Marriage, From the Beginning to 13 years

Moved to California February 2002. I started working for Warner Bros and worked for 11 years. Married in 2007, I didn’t have MS and thought it was just not rehabbing after the surgery.

Social Security Disability

Was diagnosed with MS in 2010 after getting orthopedic left knee surgery that I returned back to work in two days. My walking difficulties started in March of 2013 after the stress of getting let go from an 11 years job. I was walking ok not the best without assistance. I was able to get Social Security Disability insurance after being denied the first time in 2015.

A new job and a cool hiking stick

I wanted to work again so I started a part-time job to test my mind and see if I could do it. Then, 2016 I worked for three months and it ended. I decided to try again this now full time in Irvine, California. I was a Digital Analog QC specialist and now applied for a new position as a Compliance Assistant Editor walking with a cool hiking stick with a rubber stopper on. My boss hired me because I know the job and not worried about me walking with a hiking stick. I thank GOD and blessed that I am still working at a high level.

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