Wrexham's Story

Well, my story goes like everyone else's. Years of feeling sick, doctors misdiagnosing and then finally a heaven sent doctor who finally figures what REALLY is going on. When I started with some symptoms, it was really out of the blue. Tiredness, lack of concentration, the legs started to "go" slowly and then the blurry vision hits you. When I was having some of these symptoms at work, everyone thought I was faking, I wanted to get out of work, but the thing was, that I REALLY DID liked my job. I would never slack off. After sometime, I notice I was not fast enough, I was making simple stupid mistakes, would forget simple things, was tired for no reason. I got canned about 2 months after I started feeling "ill". Went to different doctors for about three or four years and nothing. It's this is it's that and that was their response. After six years, finally a glorious doctor diagnosed me correctly. When she told me my "verdict" I was not surprised, I was more relived then anything else because I could finally tell everyone, "I'm not making anything up, I'm really feeling what I'm describing you". Nowadays, people look at me and they still think I'm faking. Just because they look at my exterior, they think I'm at the top of the world. What no-one realizes is that, THAT exterior is just an empty shell of my former self. I'm struggling just to get by day by day. Every single day is...a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I'm alive and a curse because I see how I affect my sister and my mother, I'm basically a parasite that can't do squat for very long, my hopes and dreams have been squash forever. I used to love gardening, but now THAT is a chore. Now I live with the what could of, what should of and daydream of thing I can't reach. Just thinking that time is my worst enemy, I won't be able to have children, I won't be able to hold a little piece of me in my arms, won't be able to get old, won't be able to WALK hand in hand with my loved one. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but...what else can one do, bear and grin. Take it like a trooper and think that maybe, just maybe, somewhere down the line someone would invent a cure and help someone in the future to prevent them this suffering we are having now. Sincerely a decrepit, declawed, ex mighty lion. Me.

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