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Are there any MUSICIANS with MS here?

  • By Gr8flDeb

    Just looking for other working musicians who have MS. I’d love to connect with people dealing with symptoms and continuing or not continuing to work…If you are, send me a message.
    -Gr8flDeb (aka Debbie)

  • By Erin Rush Moderator

    Thanks for posting, Debbie! I know we have some musician members and hopefully they will see this and chime in! One of our contributors, Lisa Emrich, is a musician. Here is one of her articles discussing her journey to diagnosis — You can also check out our Facebook page, as I know some of our musician members post there — Best, Erin, Team Member.

  • By TheBillLarson

    I am a musician. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades and master of none. Though that really isn’t true any more. I used to play guitar but my hand strength is lacking and my hand cramps. I do play bass, and I bang on the drums a bit too. I haven’t played keyboard in quite some time so I would need to sharpen those skills. I primarily play bass in my worship band at church, and sometimes bang the drums.

  • By Bettybeem

    How could I have missed your post? I play the violin. I tell folks I fiddle around. I teach violin/viola and play in one of the oldest civic orchestras in Houston.

  • By Drewicf

    Self taught musician here. Started with the bass and moved to guitar/singer/songwritter. Having issues with chord transitions and hand cramps with the onset of MS. Has pretty much destroyed my love of it. Doesn’t seem like much and more interests me at all since I was officially diagnosed.

  • By Bettybeem

    If you’re having hand cramps, try stretching exercises. They help when I’ve gotten cramps in my fingers and hands.

  • By Jewels

    MS will never “destroy” your love of music. That lives within you. I too have a love of music since a young child. It is part of me, much like my arms and legs! I do not play a very common instrument, but play Native American flutes and the Shakuhachi flute. This takes nimble, flexible fingers, breath control and dexterity. My hands cramp a lot! One thing I do is use is two “Chinese meditation balls”. The two silver balls that you manipulate around in your hand at the same time. They are very inexpensive (Amazon has them) and they can help with cramping and regaining flexibility. The other thing I do is finger stretching exercises which can be found on YouTube as well. Never let MS take your passion or love away from you, what ever that may be. Sometimes our approach has to be modified, or we must work 10 times as hard as the next guy, but if it is a love for you, you won’t let this crazy thing called MS destroy that!
    All the best…

    • By Meagan Heidelberg Moderator

      Great advice, Jewels!
      You’re so right, the love of music is certainly within! Thank you so much for sharing with us and our community.
      Meagan, Team Member