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Feels like an 'Electrical Current" running through my left side

  • By Toni Lance

    I’ve been experiencing this electrical current type feeling running through my left side (my most affected side) for weeks now. I went through oral & IV steroids that have done nothing. This is the first time the steroids haven’t helped. When I talked to my neurologist he said I might just have to live with this. I’m just wondering if anyone else has gone through anything like this & if so, what helped??
    Thank you!

  • By Erin Rush Moderator

    Hi Toni Lance! I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. I will say that many of our members mention pain sensations that feel like electricity running through various parts of their bodies. Sometimes, this can be attributed to a symptom called Lhermitte’s sign, but I cannot say for certain if that is what you are experiencing. You can read more about Lhermitte’s sign and other types of pain here — While I hesitate to say that you should “just live with it”, that does seem to be a common theme people living with MS pain hear. When there is no specific treatment option, then a person is left with the directive to “live with it”. There’s a reason people living with MS are often called warriors! I thought you might find this piece by one of our contributor’s interesting — Devin, the author, discusses the various pains he deals with as a person living with MS. I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you for reaching out and I do hope you get some relief from this particular symptom! Best, Erin, Team Member.