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General Discussion

Life Hacks for MS

  • By Kelly McNamara Keymaster

    What life hacks to you use day in and day out to help manage your MS? Join the conversation and let us know!

  • By Ashley Ringstaff Moderator

    My calendar and ‘reminder’ app on my phone w/ alarms really helps me remember the things/tasks that need to be done at certain date/times. I also carry around a small notebook with me just in case, because it can be easier to write things down, then to put on your phone, in an app, that you might forget all about.

    I know that I have a bit more Life Hacks, but I will have to think on it & come back w/ a reply… my brain is at the time of the say where it just wants to relax 🙂

    Thank you Kelly!

  • By MSmichael

    Does anyone take omega-3s to help? An article and study came out today saying fish oil may help.
    You can check your levels at and find out if you are low.
    Apparently fish oil helps protect the myelin nerve endings.