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General Discussion

Undiagnosed but wondering if it is MS

  • By WendyMerk

    Hello, I am new to this site and and hoping for some clarity. I went through a major depression in 2017-2018. In 2018 I started having pain, tingling and numbness in my hand and feet. I now have it up past my knees. Months later I was so weak had to start using a walker. Then a few months later began having speech problems, then later the ringing/busting in my ears. Gabapentin makes it possible for me to get around with the walker and speak somewhat coherently. I know I have other symptoms but my mind just draws a blank right now. Went to multiple doctors last year but no one would listen to all of the symptoms together. I have not been able to work for the last two years so have no insurance. I can’t get Social security disability because I can’t get a diagnosis and can’t get diagnosis without insurance. Just want to know what is wrong with me. So frustrated. Thanks for listening, Wendy

  • By Donna Steigleder Moderator

    @wendymerk For your safety, we don’t provide medical advice on this site because so many different factors go into making a medical diagnosis so I can’t say for sure whether you might have MS. However, we have a lot of information here about Multiple Sclerosis, and many of your symptoms could be an indication of a neurological condition such as MS, among other thing conditions. Have you considered going to a local health department for screening or seeing if your area has a free clinic of any type? You might also try going to your local department of social services to see what you might qualify for in support services if you haven’t already been there. Sometimes you qualify for resources that are unknown to you because they are unadvertised. Don’t give up and check back if those ideas don’t work. Donna Steigleder moderator

  • By vvxjr9

    Wendy Merk, of those multiple doctors, were any of them neurologist? If you went to one or two, it is always best to get another opinion. MS is very difficult to diagnose. Lots of us have gone decades with MS and didn’t know it. Please try to, somehow, to find a neurologist, who is going to listen to you and hopefully order a MRI, which is expensive though. Get back in touch so we’ll know how you are doing.