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Why Don't Dr.'s Understand?

  • By 219pauh

    Moved from Cali to Ga. Found new GP & Neurologist. Both Dr.’s told me that there is “No Pain” with MS. So, why would I ask for pain meds for my MS. Made me feel like I was just looking for pills. I told both of them them that my GP Dr. @ UCLA did prescribe pain meds, that I take on the bad days. (I’m not looking for more crap to take.)
    I got so discussed that they didn’t understand anything abt.MS. I wanted to scream. I did proceed to tell them that they need to get more updated info from the “MS SOCIETY” and they are NOT the one with this disease. .I’m a 64 year old women that has MS and other health issues. Including Fibromyalgia, RLS, Muscle Spasms, Back Fusion, Chronic Migraines and Post Menopausal. What the “H_LL”? Has anyone had the same issue with Dr’s? And what do we do to get these Dr’s more educated on MS?
    Thanks, Jan

  • By drobi12

    unfortunately there are many uninformed doctors out there and ms is tricky stealth illness. would try a large city university hospital neurologist.My experience with general practice has generally been useless .Try a recommendation from ms society for a dr with a lot of ms patients.