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Quote of the day: Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship. – Omar N. Bradley Now listening to a brilliant new song by Italian gothic metal band ‘Walk In Darkness’ & the song is off their latest album ‘Welcome To The New World’. The song’s titled “Last Siren” & to hear it, click here:…

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I was diagnosed with Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes 29 years ago. It definitely will affect every part of one’s body including my MS (diagnosed about 10 years ago) when not controlled.
A good diet,exercise and general outlook on things play a huge part in my well-being,general outlook probably being the most important and beneficial to me…

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@crustychuck, I really, really, really think docs rely on MRI’s too much. I think in 5 years or less they are going to discover that MRI’s don’t pick up on pin hole lesions. (Yeah, I just made that term up) but think about it. What are lesions? It’s a scare from our body attacking our protective system (Mylan) of our CNS. What if the MRI’s…