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Hello, I am posting this question to you, the experts in MS, because I can’t find anything about this on the web. My bf has had RRMS for the last 15 years. Today, his neurologist said that if his next MRI doesnt have lesions, he can stop taking his meds no longer has MS. Is this possible?

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Brain lesions and a spinal tap with high myelin protein confirmed it. After three years of symptoms and numerous doctors, I was finally given the answer for everything I’d been experiencing. MS.

Weakness, […]

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At my age of 76 I find myself just wanting to give up and not try and fight this horrible disease any longer. I gave myself a message that I post in my own brain daily to keep me trying. It would be so easy to […]

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I’ve found that “putting pen to paper” before people whom you know understand in their hearts what you feel and are going through helps to easy the lonliness and feelings of isolation. Please write what’s on your heart any time day or night. We’re here to listen and we understand.

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My husband has had two pumps and has never had any pain with either. What you describe sounds like the pump is implanted next to something that is triggering pain receptors. I have a granddaughter who has facial pain due to a nerve that runs next to a blood vessel that gets triggered when the blood vessel get enlarged from excitement. It causes…

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Thank you for for the article! you are and have become my ‘support group’. I’m sorry if any of things I write or wrote offend you or anyone in anyway. But in my self made loner life I’m glad to have found this website I don’t have to try to be or become someone I’m not. This MS makes me a stranger to myself.