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As part of my Medicare Advantage plan I have a counseling session once a week via Skype. I got three names that are in their network and the first two I called were so negative, kinda like everybody’s stressed out and we have no room for you, and the third I feel like I struck gold. I try not to use its as a b***h session, i.e, my husband gives m…

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Hi lissa!
thanks so much for replying to this post. I’m so sorry that you also had a reaction to the shot.
In my case, it was an EXTREMELY painful injection and it was a reaction to the pain itself. No new symptoms, just a cascade effect of all old ones!

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I just had a cortisone shot and my body freaked out as well. I even have new MS symptoms popping up a couple days later. This makes no sense to me because steroids is usually what we’re given to calm down a relapse.

Thank you for your post. Did you ever figure out if it was the shot that caused the ms symptoms or was it a coincidence?

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I’ve been in therapy for depression, anxiety, and acceptance. It’s been very difficult but I am starting to see some hope. Diagnosed in November 17 and had to stop working (26 years of teaching). I hid from the world sticking my toe in the world once in a while. Working hard on living the life I do have and acceptance of the losses. This disease…