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Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) Forum

This forum is for those with SPMS, care partners or caregivers to those with SPMS, or anyone who wants to join the SPMS conversation and learn more.

Please feel free to share your SPMS questions, journeys, symptoms, or even just to vent or talk.

  1. I know MS is different for all of us but I would like to have opinions about DMT's for PPMS wether good or bad. Transitioned after 13 years. Thanks

    1. , that's a big question! I think you will find tons of experiences and opinions on DMTs on this site. I will try to narrow down some of the information for you, and I do hope you get some more feedback from other community members as well. So, here's one of our contributor's experience on various DMTs (and check out the comments following the piece) -- And here's another contributor's take on the trials of finding the 'right' DMT -- I will say that some of our contributors have vast amounts of personal experience with these treatments and I hope they chime in here! And here's some more info from Gary Chester (the author of the second piece I linked) -- I think the hard thing with DMTs is that the side effects can be so disruptive. And that can be scary for people to think about. The good (?) thing about these medications is that you tend to figure out fairly quickly whether they are a good fit for you, after the initial starting period and waiting for the medication to reach full efficacy.

      Some of our members swear by DMTs while others avoid them at all costs and we have everything in between those two poles as well.

      This is merely a start of the information on this, so if you need more, please don't hesitate to let me know. I can only share three links per post 😉

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. , I also wanted to share this article, as their is a current coversation occuring in the comments at the end of the peice about DMTs. I thought you might find the conversation helpful -- Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. Life changing mobility affected bad

    1. I woke up one morning and knew something was different. When I got out of bed I had trouble moving my left leg. That was 1994. I have difficulty with my entire left side, esp. lifting my left leg. I use a AFO, ankle foot orthosis to walk.

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