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1000mg of IV Solu-Medrol - once monthly


This is my first post to this forum. I am a 65 year old female with primary progressive MS. I opted to discontinue MS medications about a year ago after having to stop Tysabri due to increase blood levels. My Dr. suggested I try Mavenclad but I just didn't feel comfortable going that route given the possible side effects. The other options I was given was monthly steroids infusions. I just completed my 6th infusion of Solu-Medrol. I've not noticed any big changes other than better control of my bladder.
My question is how long is it safe to be on steroids? I've heard it isn't good to continue long term. My next Dr. visit isn't until February and I wonder if I should continue the infusions until then.

Appreciate hearing from someone who has experience with this course of action.

Anna Marie

  1. Welcome to the community, Anna Marie! (). I am glad you found us. You will find lots of supportive people here who understand where you are coming from along with some great resources. There are definitely some serious side effects that can come with steroid use. Is your doctor monitoring you to determine whether you reach a point when you need to stop? I hope you get some good input from the community. While you wait, I thought I would share with you this article about steroids: I hope the infusions help. Wishing you the very best! - Lori (Team Member)

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