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After a fall I need a walker Ideas

After a foot and ankle break decided to use a walker. I had always thought a shopping cart would be great because its tall. The I saw the Upwalker and knew it was for me. You use it standing up and not hunched over the small walkers.
Has anyone had any experiences or thoughts on them. I know PT want a walker that by or wrist or something. It never made sense. I wonder if they learned that in school? Not trying for an argument. Help?

  1. Hi . I have never used one before, but the Upwalker makes a lot of sense to me. Have you asked your physical therapist for an explanation as to why you should use it? Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I bought in amazon a stand walker this is the one i use n truly love it .. its been a life changer

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