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What Do Those Without MS Need to Know?

If there was one piece of information that you would want someone who doesn't have MS to know about what life with MS is really like, what would it be?

What should they spend time learning about?
How can they be better educated on MS?
How can those not living with MS become better advocacy allies to clear up misconceptions about MS?

  1. Just patience and understanding ... what happen to the saying "walk in another's shoes

    1. I would suggest having that person go to an MS walk event. It's the real deal of ALL persons living with MS--the patients, friends, family, printed info, inspiration... If there is not an MS Walk nearby, there are other MS events that will engage the non-mser.

      1. They are NOT familiar with the 4 types of MS ... RRMS SPMS PPMS PRMS. Nor does the Media talk about the types

        1. they could actually ask me and listen to know how the ms affects me so they would gain and understanding of who i am now instead of assuming i am just like this other person that they know who has ms, or fit into a box about what they have read about ms

          1. , yes! MS is such a 'snowflake' disease and each person experiences it uniquely. Learning about how each individual experiences MS is so important. Thank you for sharing.

            Best, Erin, Team Member.

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