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Anyone have these symptoms?

Hi! So I've been trying to get a diagnosis for almost two years now. My symptoms started 2 weeks after my 21st birthday, and ironically today is my 23rd birthday 😄

The end of February I started having really intense burning pain in my face. It was so bad my face swelled up and was red. It felt like I had horrible burns all over my face, neck, shoulders, scalp, lips inside my nose, ears, eyes, mouth and throat. I went to my Neurologist barely able to open my mouth. He scheduled me for an MRI, which came back "abnormal" My Neurologist reviewed the disc and called me to confirm the changes and scheduled me for 25 panels(oh sweet baby Jesus) worth of blood work. I have only gotten a few of the results back so far, but all are good. Ever since the pain in my face I have been having more symptoms(new and worsening of old). First I noticed that the burning pain spread to other areas of my body but were very brief; stomach, legs, arms. Then I started getting shooting pains that started in my butt and went all the way down to my foot(left side) that now are in my fingers/hand on my left side that sometimes goes all the way down to my foot and even on the middle of the left side of my back making it hard to breathe at times. The pain in my hand has been making it hard to use and the whole left side of my body is very weak. I don't know if the shooting pain triggered the horrible muscle spasms and stiffness in my tricep on my left arm and the cramp that started in my butt and went all the way down to my calf, but I have had to sleep with a heating pad on my butt haha. I'm also not sure if my balance issues are from the weakness on my left side or something else. I've also had a really intense icy pain on either side of my shin(left leg) that spreads into my foot.

Can anyone please enlighten me here. I'm not sure if these are actually MS symptoms, or symptoms of something else. I'm very confused because my MRI came back as abnormal, but I'm not sure what was abnormal about it.

  1. EEryn,
    thank you for reaching out here, this has to be SO frustrating!
    I want to wish you a very happy belated birthday, but hate that you're going through all of this!
    Although we are not able to give you medical advice of any kind for your own safety, I would press in to know exactly what was abnormal with the MRI that you had. You should not be left in a state of confusion about any tests your doctor may have ordered. If you haven't already done so, I would contact the physician and have him explain what about it was abnormal.
    I'm glad to hear that so far the bloodwork is good and hope it continues in that direction.

    I'm including some links for you:

    Hopefully you can find some information that might help to provide some talking points with your physician.

    Please keep us posted!

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