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Any tips on applying for disability?

  1. Make sure you have at least a year's paper trail of doctor appointments pertinent to your symptoms. Being age 50 or more helps, though there isn't much you can do about how old you are. Don't hire a disability lawyer for your initial claim. Wait until you've been denied. If you happen to win you will owe the lawyer lots of money. You'll be owed back pay if you are denied the first time but win the second or third time, which you can use to pay off the lawyer. But if you win the first claim, You receive no back pay and still owe the lawyer. Also, keep in mind that you won't qualify for Medicare for the first 24 months on SSDI.

    1. I'll add my experience to this, I was just 36 when I went on disability. It was something I was very much against, but my doctor and family agreed it was time. I'm very thankful my doctor recommended I get a disability lawyer the first time out, with his help, I was accepted in my first try. Even if it is your first claim, the process still takes a long time. I still received back pay which more than covered the lawyer. Everything matters on the application, the wording of responses to questions is very important, and the lawyer helps with that, among many other things.

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