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  1. Never experienced spasms until, out of the blue like a bolt of lightening, while at PT it hit fast and hard leaving me incapacitated . PT staff ushered me into an office where the therapist pinned me against the wall, wildly flailing arms and legs continuing into the night. ER was summoned into action providing muscle relaxing med and peace of mind. A week later I was back in ER; same problem, same fix.
    Fast forward a year I was in surgery having my first Intrathecal Baclofen Pump implanted under the skin. The pump is wonderful, works effectively as advertised. Relief at last. After the first pump suffered a mechanical failure in its fifth year a second pump was implanted. (These pumps require replacement every five to six years when battery power is exhausted.) There were times when the pump was overwhelmed with spasms necessitating measured doses of benzodiazepine.
    The pump is a decision and journey with a satisfactory ending.

    1. I always have spasticity in my right leg. In my glute, hamstring, gastrocnemios, anterior tibialis and prob others. Occasionally have spasm in right and left at night

      1. thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry to hear about the spasticity that you've experienced. Have you found anything that has made it any worse or better over the years?
        - Alene, moderator

        1. When I do get a leg spasm I use an electric massager that I keep by my bed. That relieves it and usually it does not last longer that 5-10 minutes. The spasms are thankfully infrequent and mild in comparison to when they first started in 2007.
          Have not been able to predict when I will have one.

          1. thanks for sharing what works for you. It's what makes our community so strong - having our collective knowledge together. It helps make this road just a little bit easier for one another. If you don't mind sharing, which massager do you use? There are so many out there, sometimes it's hard to tell if one is better than the other.
            Alene, moderator

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