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Awaiting MRI for suspected MS

My health has declined significantly over, roughly, tge last 2 years. My dr. has been resistant to testing because I am breastfeeding and she said we can't treat until she weans and I am stubborn and despite the depth of my misery I refuse to wean her until she is ready unless I HAVE TO. I finally managed to get her to take my issues seriously and she strongly suspects MS. I am waiting an MRI of my brain w/o contrast on Monday (day after tomorrow). Im terrified of an MS diagnosis but desperate to know what is wrong with me. Im praying its something that we can treat and cure and I can return to 100%. The worst of my symptoms come in flares. For example, I am.currently mid-flare and I am so weak that my 20 pound daughter may as well weigh 200, my legs are like jello by the end of the day, yesterday my arms felt so heavy that I didnt even have the energy for eat dinner, I get horrible dizzy spells and visual distubances to the point I fear driving because I never know when they will hit, limbs "jump" for no reason or sometimes relax involuntarily causing near falls and a whole lots of dropping things, today my right shoulder is so tight and painful that I can barely use that arm... the list goes on and on but I wont waist your time listing ALL of them.

Anyway, here are my questions- is the MRI without contrast on only my brain enough, or should I request contrast and that the MRI include my spine even though this will mean having to reschedule my MRI so the insurance can approve it with the added items? Could I possibly see improvement in symptoms that are already present once treatment begins, if diagnosed with MS? As it stands right now I cannot work and I am so sick of feeling like I am at least twice my age. Is there any hope of being able to return to the workforce and to my life not being governed by my symptoms? Once you were diagnosed and began treatment, how much did it slow the progression of your MS? And, finally, could anyone possibly give me some tips on how to deal with some or all of my symptoms???

  1. Mri is done. Now we wait. Man, do I hate waiting on test results. The tech let me look at the MRI and I didn't see any obvious anomalies, but I am not exactly an expert at "reading" MRIs. I have pretty basic undertanding of the brain anatomically speaking so I may not have seen anything because there was nothing to see, or just because I didn't know what to look for. Who knows. I just pray that if it comes back normal that my dr. doesn't stop looking for answers.

    1. I am sorry you are hurting, PainedMomOf3! I wanted to share with you the diagnostic criteria used by neurologists to diagnose MS -- Also, some of our members see significant improvement in their symptoms once beginning treatment, but there are no guarantees. And since there are different forms of MS, different people experience very different outcomes from treatment. Here is some basic information on treatment types and options -- Also, this piece covers the types of MS --

      As far as being able to work, well, again, that's a pretty unique experience. There are many reasons MS is called a "snowflake" condition! It truly does affect each individual uniquely. Some of our members have been in the workforce for years. Others have gone on disability. This is also dependent on the severity of your symptoms and the type of MS with which you may be dealing.

      I sincerely hope you get your MRI results back quickly and can proceed from there.

      If it turns out that you have MS, know you do not face this alone.

      Please keep us posted, if you feel comfortable doing so.

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. MRI came back normal. Being referred to a neuro specialist. Thanks for the response but it would seem that, whatever this is, it isn't MS.

    1. Please keep us updated @PainedMomOf3 - we're thinking of you. Best, Margot, Team Member

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