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Beyond Surviving To Thriving: Online Interview Series for Thriving With MS

Beyond Surviving to Thriving: Look Better, Feel Better, BE Better By Kicking MS & Other Autoimmunity In The Butt! is an online show that addresses the challenges that autoimmunity can bring to everyday life. The guests in the series discuss both Western Medicine and alternative therapies for a traditional and holistic approach to living better with MS and other diseases.

There is even an interview with a family member/caregiver who talks about the challenges of supporting someone with MS without losing who you are, and without giving up on your personal goals and aspirations.

The free showing of Season 2 begins runs to May 7th. Each speaker provides free resources that the person living with these challenges can use to find symptom relief and additional knowledge right away.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this resource with the community, @CoachingDiva! Best, Shelby, Team Member

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