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Botox for spasticity

Hi folks, I'm putting on my 'big girl pants' - moving on from piggybacking on others' messages, and posting my own query. 😉 Arguably my pants may still be junior sized, since I'm asking for help.
My new physiatrist has me scheduled for botox injections in my calves & hamstrings to help fix my stylish zombie-robot walk. It's cool at Halloween & all, but, it's gotten outre come spring.
Do any of you have experience, thoughts or suggestions re botox injections for spasticity?
Thanks in advance for your feedback & support, mates!

  1. This article may be a good first answer:

    All the best,
    Christopher, team

    1. Thanks, Chris

    2. You are quite welcome.

  2. That might be good. Thank you!

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