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Can anyone help me?

I've never been diagnosed.
I've been looking for answers for two months now.
Some of my symptoms I've had for over five years I just learned to live with.
I haven't been able to work in over a week.
Two months ago my pain became so severe I was left no choice but to get help
I've seen orthodontist
They said even though I have bulging discs and stuff it's all normal for my age
Should not be in this much much pain
Back to symptoms
I am so weak I can barely walk
I mean lift my legs like weights are in them
My arms and legs get so weak when I'm up for a few minutes it's ridiculous
My neck is stiff like knots in it
I've had balance problems for years being pulled to sides, running into doorways stumbling
Dizzy everytime I get up
Dizzy spells are worse in spells
Sometimes I feel like I have to pee but can't tell if I'm going then get up and I'm still going
Or I can't go
I'm supper emotional

  1. Hi dawn74,

    I'm sorry that you are going through all of this. Your fear and frustration is understandable. The symptoms of MS can overlap with so many other conditions, including degenerative changes in the spine. The best way to try to figure out if MS is the cause of your symptoms would be to consult a neurologist, preferably one who specializes in MS. You can ask your primary care doctor for a recommendation or check here - - to see if there is an MS center near you.

    Best wishes,
    Lisa, moderator

    1. Hi Dawn,
      As I read your post the first half sounded iffy on MS. Then you get to the legs and it got my attention. I have the 500 lbs. legs and I am tired just walking through my house.
      I weigh 98 lbs. and all 98 lbs. is in my legs.

      I don't share your dizziness so much, but occasionally will get vertigo and fall. Bear in mind though MS affects all people in different ways. That is why most doctors are hesitant to diagnose you.

      When I zeroed in on the fact that makes me feel like you may very well have MS is when you talked about going to pee.
      I know when I need to go and have no problem doing so, but when I think I am finished and stand up I will start peeing again.

      I hope you find a neurologist that specializes in MS to do some testing for you. I went through 2 regular neurologist and they would say well it could be.....I did not want it could be and fortunately I found a Multiple Sclerosis Center at UTSW in Dallas. They quickly firmed up the diagnosis and I have been with them for the last 16-17 years.

      I wish you good days ahead, just know you are not alone.

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