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Can neuropathy effect lungs/throat?

I experience a lot of neuropathy in my arms and legs, but I’ve also been experiencing chest pain that primarily feels like squeezing just behind the sternum, pain on inhalation that feels like my bronchia and lungs are raw, and sometimes a choking sensation. My heart has been checked and it’s fine. My lungs always sound clear (although I have a chronic productive cough). A recent endoscopy shows it is not a GI issue. I’m waiting to see a neurologist (recently moved), but it takes a while to get in. I’ve been wondering...can an ms hug be that focal? The squeezing feels like the size of an orange, but it is definitely behind the sternum. It does not feel like it encourages my rib cage as is typically described. The pain radiates to my back and throat in a way that can feel like icy fire (only way I know to describe it) and like a pulling sensation. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

  1. Hi PhoenixRose. That sounds painful and frightening. I am glad you have had your heart, lungs and esophagus checked. I hope you get some feedback from others who have experienced the MS hug and might have felt the same way. Do you have any other comorbidities? Here is an article from one of our sister sites about costochondritis and Tietze Syndrome, which also cause chest pain and are caused by inflammation: It might be worth mentioning these conditions to your doctor as well. I hope you get some answers and some relief soon. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi Phoenix rose, when I have the Ms hug it feels to me like I have a tight band around my chest squeezing it and making it did to take a deep breath.
      It's good you have had your heart and lungs checked and hopefully you can see, or at least speak to, a Neuro soon to advise.

      Pam x

      1. sorry should say difficult to take a deep breath not did!

    2. I can relate to those sensations of squeezing and pain radiating to other parts of the body. In my own case it is neuropathic pain. It quite often comes in the form of burning. I have that sensation in all orifices at any given time. Friction can be a trigger, for one. Recently I experienced severe burning in my private parts that also manifested as red and swollen--this after becoming very sexually active. After ruling out STDs, contact dermatitis, bladder infection and yeast infection, I am going to try applying prescription pain cream containing gabapentin to see if that can quiet the pain. If it does, then it is likely that all that sexual activity sent my body into an irritated state, causing my MS-related damaged nerves to start misfiring and causing discomfort. A generous dose of Desitin cream helped me initially. Yes, the zinc oxide ointment used for babies' diaper rash!

      It's good that you are ruling out all possible causes. We do have to become detectives with this disease in an effort to treat our discomfort. Often we need to think outside the box and urge our doctors to do likewise. Wish it could be easier. I hope you will find some answers and relief very soon! --Cheers, Kim, moderator

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