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Can you help define this symptom?

Hi all,

Firstly, thank you all for being such a great resource. I’m currently awaiting diagnosis for some odd symptoms I’ve been having for 1year+ that include many classic symptoms of MS; numbness in hands and feet, blurring in left eye, weakness, tremor, headache, frequent urination, spasm etc. (I’m Female, 2😎.

I had reported issues of weakness/numbness in my right hand last year. My GP recommended strengthening it with a tennis ball. However, for the past several weeks I’ve had a tremor in my left hand - only while in use - and weakness which was causing issues. I’d lost dexterity (evident in chess playing/clipping nails) and the tremor was especially present when lifting, carrying - making cooking a nightmare. I decided to go to a physio for recommendations. After exam, he reported that there appeared to be no musculoskeletal injuries, but rather it appeared to be a neurological issue. He referred me back to my GP.

My GP asked me lots of questions which helped clarify that these odd symptoms might add up to something further (though he didn’t speculate). Google helped me find this - I have many, many symptoms of MS. He referred me to a neurologist who I’m seeing in a couple days.

Obviously, it could be something else, or maybe nothing at all, but I’m preparing a list of all the things I’ve been experiencing as recommended by my doctor. There’s one symptom however that I can’t exactly describe:

Lately when I wake up, I’m shivering/shuddering profusely for maybe the first minute or two, sometimes with teeth chattering. It’s Summer here, warm enough, I’m not cold and I can’t explain why it’s happening. I’m not anxious while this is occurring, not feeling any other symptoms - just shaking like a leaf as though my body is trying to wake up?

Does anyone else experience this? Can anyone put a name to this symptom?


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