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How effective is CBD oil and what brand you would recommend?

I'd like to know if anybody is using CBD oil and how effective it is and what brand they would recommend? Looking for a good CBD cannabis oil to relive spasm in my calf muscles.

  1. Hi . Thanks for the question and for being a part of our community! One of contributors wrote about his experience with CBD: Like all MS treatments, unfortunately, what works for one doesn't always work for the next. So, we recommend doing some research and talking it over! Keep us updated on how it all goes! - Kelly, Team Member

    1. CBD is expensive if you buy the oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. If it is from hemp, it can be good too, if from a good source. If you live in a state that cannabis is legal, it is easier to get higher quality products. CBD is good for overall wellness too, some believe as we do have cannabinoid receptors in our brain. is a good educational site for all things cannibis. I know people vape or smoke low THZ cannibis for sleep/spasms. Learning about all of it is vital! Good luck! I am getting a Baclofen Intrathecal Pump put in for leg aching caused frim spasms. They are safe and according to information at the University of Washington MS Center info, WAY under used!!! I I believe it when I read some of the suffering that MSer’s go through with spasms! Until I went to a New neurologist I didn’t even know that the deep aching in my sacral area, glutes and legs even WERE from spasm! Oral Baclefen worked for awhile, but when Baclofen or a pain med, which is often added in tiny amounts, is put right into the spinal fluid, instead of mg the dose in micrograms! So virtually no side effects once the correct amount of medication is titrated into the catheter that is put right under the skin( threaded from the battery and medication reservoir) Pain Management Interventional Anesthesiologist do this preceedure and manage it. Look into it. Most people have really good outcomes!

      1. I am new here and new to MS. I am going on 2 years with no diagnoses and now hearing MS every time i see a supposed specialist. I am going to basically treat myself and will be starting off with CBD and THC as my primary anti- inflammatory med. Follow or friend me and I will keep update posts on how it is working.

        I hope I can help someone as much as I hope someone can help me....

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