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Has anyone tried CBD oil or cream?

Has anyone used the CBD oil or cream? Does it truly help with anything at all? Is there any merit in using it? All I've heard is what the news has said but I don't know anyone personally that's used it. Thanks, everyone!

  1. I've used the oil for about a year. It has made a difference controlling my spasticity. Just calms your body down. I don't use it regularly but on a as you need it basis. It's helped on those nights or days I feel stiff or legs are just uncontrollably jerky.

    1. @Janus, One of our contributors wrote about his experience using CBD oil. He's a true believer. Here is what he had to say about it. I use it for neuropathy in my feet (I do not have MS, my spouse does) and it helps with reducing the pain associated with that. I didn't think it was helping and stopped using it and realized after I stopped it, that it was definitely making a difference. Donna Steigleder, Moderator

      1. I’ve tried the lotion. I can’t say it did anything for me.

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