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Chronic Constipation

Hello all! I've seen some posts in here regarding constipation. But none answered my question. I am dealing with chronic constipation, have been for years. I feel like I may have gastroparesis. I was just wondering if anyone else have been dealing with this and they did to help resolve the issue. Please help! Been to the doc, taking stool softners, drinking Miralax. Nothing seems to motivate my intestines.

  1. Hi, ! I am sorry you are dealing with chronic constipation! What kind of input has your physician offered? I hope other community members can chime in with some tips and tricks you can try. It sounds like you have really tried some things already, so I would be interested to see if your physician would provide you with a firm diagnosis.

    This piece talks in depth about gastroparesis, including some tips for managing intestinal issues (near the end of the article) -- Also, there are some community member comments at the end of the article that might be helpful for you.

    Also, here is an article from our sister site for IBS. It talks about the benefits of ginger for gastroparesis -- We do always recommend talking with your physician before any new treatment, including natural options like ginger.

    I hope some of the tips shared from the articles offer you some ideas and hope!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Hello, my doc has suggested linzess and to prep for a colonoscopy. But how can you prepare for a colonoscopy if nothing is moving naturally or with assistance? I've done a colonic and little success. My doc was against the colonic but I did do this w/o consent. Thanks for the articles.

      1. Hi @Sunshine09. By the time you are done with the colonoscopy prep, whatever is in you should literally come pouring out. Doctors often prescribe Linzess for a few weeks ahead for people who are severely constipated. When you do the prep, you will likely be taking insane amounts of Miralax along with about a gallon of Gatorade and probably more Linzess. Nothing inside you can survive that even if you are having trouble moving things naturally. Many people with constipation or IBS get very nauseous and lightheaded during the prep, so make sure you are in a safe place during your prep. Is your doctor actually going to do a colonoscopy or is this simply to clean you out? Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

    2. My doctor will conduct the colonoscopy. Thanks for the advice

      1. I hope it goes well and that you get some answers and relief, @Sunshine09. Keep us posted if you are comfortable doing so. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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