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Does anyone have problems with chronic mouth ulcers?

For the last two years I have developed ulcers on the sides of my tongue. I have seen a dental specialist who told me that there is little to do for prevention. The pain is treated with topical ointment or a prescription for a rinse, benedryl pepto bismal liquid steroids. My insurance will not cover the rinse because it has to be mixed. The liquid is $40.00 and only lasts about 1.5 weeks. For a chronic problem, the cost is prohibitive.

  1. Hi ! I am sorry you are dealing with chronic mouth ulcers! While mouth ulcers are not a symptom of MS, certain medications used to treat MS can cause mouth sores and other issues, including Sativex and Lemtrada. If you haven't already, you may file an appeal with your insurance company. Your doctor or dental specialist may have to write a letter stating that you require this particular treatment. In the scheme of things, 80.00 is not a great deal of money for an insurance company, especially since untreated mouth sores can lead to more serious infections and end up being more expensive to treat! I do hope other members with experience can chime in and share any solutions they have found for treating mouth sores. Good luck and I hope you can get some relief! Best, Erin, Team member.

    1. Hi , I've suffered from chronic mouth ulcers since I was an infant. Since the onset of my MS, I find that they occur more frequently, especially around the time of my period, and are greater in number. I used to get one or two every few months or so, but lately I can see anywhere from 4 to 9 at a time on and under my tongue, on my lips, and around my gumline. Nothing helps, though I do use salt to help shorten the time i have them. Like you, I've been told there's nothing that can be done for them. :`(

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