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How does chronic pain impact everyone here?

  1. Good question Shelby. I experience occasional burning pain in my legs, especially when I sleep. I am still ambulatory with a cane or walker. My walking disability has progressed but not from the burning. I tend to think the burning is an indication of damage occurring. Luckily, I can combat the pain with occasional OTC pain relievers or warm compresses for now. Good thoughts for you all, Lisa

    1. Thank you so much for sharing how pain impacts your life, . I know many here also experience burning sensations in their legs - so uncomfortable! You are not alone and I appreciate your experience with pain and what helps you. - Shelby, Team Member

      1. Shelby: For me pain is pretty constant in lower legs and feet. I’ve had MS 28 years RR for first 12 then Secondary Progressive (SP) since then. Pain still persists my neurologist Rx Gabopentin 300 mg 2x/day & also Rx Tramidol 10 mg 3x/day which is a controlled Rx so I have to show drivers license to get it & both helps me along with Baclofin for spasticity 20 mg also 3x/ day. Best wishes all!! Tim

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