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Does anyone know what CMS/HCC stands for?

I've been on Aubagio for 10 months now and started having new symptoms, constant pain in my spine, on and off dizziness, and losing the ability to retain urine. Ex: when there isn't a bathroom near and you need to go, but can not hold it like I did in the past. The other problem is sometimes I feel like I need to go and I cannot (even though I know my bladder is full). The other symptom is balancing (even though I do yoga + exercise).

My after-visit summary with my neurologist

On 12/3/19 my neurologist said I have mild cognitive impairment.

Also does anyone know what (CMS/HCC) stands for? That is how it is printed on my after-visit summary (of course he never mentioned it so I couldn't ask at the time, it was only after the appointment reading the summary that I saw it).

  1. Hi Contalita,

    the following link should help to answer your question about the CMS/HCC.

    As I said, hopefully it can answer some questions until you are able to ask your doctor about it. He/she should be able to explain it in a way that fully satisfies your curiosity about this.

    I hope your doctor is able to provide you with some relief for the symptoms you mentioned! Janus

    1. ☺Hello, Janus &Thanks, your suggestion. I did click on the link and found out that it doesn't have anything to do with my health, but; was abt. medical coding ,rates & ect.Wheu Weee, relieved that it doesn't have anything to do with my health☺. Janus, Thank You☺!

      1. I know this is an older post but I just had this come up from my telehealth visit the other day; first time I’ve ever seen it listed on anything. I don’t have Medicare or Medicaid for insurance so I’m confused. My dr has been really non-transparent during this entire 6year experience. I have hardly any knowledge about my disease and it’s like pulling teeth to get any information. Any time I ask about things I know seem wrong or new issues with my body I am told they are not related to my MS. I literally found out at the start of the pandemic that apparently I was supposed to have had a baseline cognitive function test done when I was diagnosed, and then yearly it should have been redone to track my disease. I only learned that by having time in lockdown and taking a Can-Do MS webinar. I know it’s not right but I am stuck now- but this code is what is confusing me for the moment. Any more light you could shed is much appreciated. Thank you!

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