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How do you cope with feelings of isolation?

  1. Some days, not well. I'm an introvert so I don't notice that I'm isolating myself, until i start to feel depressed, more than usual. My primary social activity is Toastmasters. It gets me out of the house at least once a week and compels me to talk to others. And since it means I'm getting out, it also means I need to get dressed,etc. It's also beneficial for me because I need to write and present a speech periodically and that seems to help my cognitive functions. I'm a leader in my clubs and district too, so other people are relying on me to do things and that usually helps to pull me out of myself.

    1. Hi Allison! Thanks for sharing with the community! It's so helpful for others to know they're not alone in feeling this way. Toastmasters is a great idea!!! - Kelly, Team Member

    2. This forum is so friendly. I haven't belonged to long, but it's helped me.
      Other than my husband and this forum I haven't spoke to anyone about what I'm going thru. I just feel I'm not ready. Sometimes it's just to hard to talk to others.
      It sounds like you've got some wonderful activities.
      Although I've never heard of Toastmaster.
      I understand the depression. I'm actually on an antidepressant. It's helped. But it's still hard. I'm trying to stay positive! Hope you feel better soon. 💕

  2. My three high school juniors keep me plugged into life. We are now being inundated with college brochures and are discussing which ones to visit. It's daunting, but it's very exciting!

    1. Wish the best of luck to you and your children on their college search! Such a scary and exciting time!!! - Kelly, Team Member

  3. When I'm not sick or recovering from surgery followed by 1 health issue after another, such as it's been since 12-29-17, I scrapbook & make cards, etc. As an introvert, I isolate extremely well. So these Crop events, where groups get together to scrapbook, etc., really help. Plus, I take my Mom (who has early-stage Alzheimer's), & we bond. (She's the reason I started scrapbooking.)

    1. I am a reborn doll artist. Focusing on something other than my pain or even myself, helps me to not get depressed at being alone. There are a lot of people that are helped by these dolls, so it's bigger than me or what I am feeling.

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