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Cost when you loose your insurance

How do you find an insurance that’s affordable and covers MS medications. I’m finding that the insurance sales people lie.. oh yes Ocrevus covered oh yes your doctors oh yes your fentanyl patches covered only to find out After receiving Ocrevus infusion it’s not covered and I now owe mayo 174,000.00. Anyone else have these troubles?

  1. , I'm sorry you are in this situation. Don't even get me started on the state of healthcare and insurance in this country. . . . It can be very, very hard (as you well know) to find decent, affordable health insurance, especially if you have a serious health condition. I doubt I can offer any suggestions you haven't already tried, but, here goes. Have you reached out to pharmaceutical companies about their copay programs? For example, the company that makes Ocrevus has financial assistance programs -- Some drug company programs have very reasonable copay plans that make the medications very affordable. Also, the NeedyMeds program has some information that may be helpful --

    Also, the MSAA has a MRI fund to help cover the costs of MRIs -- And, they also have a tollfree line with staff that may be able to offer some avenues for getting insured that I am not aware of -- The NMSS also has a pretty stellar helpline you can reach out to --

    Honestly, I can't offer much insight into getting affordable health insurance. I do hope one of our more knowledgeable community members can chime in with more helpful advice!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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