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Could it be MS?

Hi everyone,

My name is Michael, I am a 28 year old male. I have felt as though there has been something wrong with me for around 8-9 years now. I always feel fatigued, tired, often feel light headed and dizzy and I feel over the last 5 or so years my ability to think clearly and work things out has gotten worse. I sometimes feel as though even the most simple things are too hard. I am also very forgetful in the short term. It is often hard to have a conversation as I find myself struggling to find the words, or I say the wrong words. Almost like my brain cant keep up with my mouth. I have seen doctors over the years who have sent me for blood tests which all come back clear. So they tell me it must be depression, anxiety or because I am unfit.

Recently I have been having random numbness/tingling in my arms,hands,feet and legs. It seems to come and go, swap sides and vary greatly in severity. I am being woken and night with completely numb hands and arms. I have seen my doctor about this and I have had an MRI on my brain, neck and spine. All of which came back clear and showing no reasons for my numbness and tingling. I have had a complete blood test which also came back clear.

I have now been referred for an ultrasound on my shoulders to see if there is any nerve pinching or something going on there. It seems odd to me that it may be the cause, as my feet and legs are affected as well.

I asked my doctor about MS on my latest visit and he doesn't seem to think it is likely to be MS due to nothing coming up on the MRI. But at this stage I feel as though its all that is left after everything else being eliminated.

I am really worried about this. With a wife and two very young children It is really worrying me and giving me anxiety about the future. I nearly have myself convinced that these symptoms are early MS. I think my next step will be to request a referral to a Neurologist.

I don't really know what I am expecting making this post, I guess I would just like some sort of confirmation as to weather I should be so worried or if I'm just being a hypochondriac. It also just feels good to get it off my chest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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