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Could this be an Ms?

Hello there,
Please pardon any grammatical mistake in this post as English is not my first language.
So let me try and make this post as short as possible so as not to bore you.
My problem started last 4 months. It was one afternoon that I felt a weird sensation in my head, like there was something at particular spot on my head. I dusted it with my hand but it wasn't going any where. I became freaked out.
Later in the night when I was about to go bed. I started thinking about that sensation. I started thinking about a lot of things that night. I remembered that I have had what I could describe as exploding head syndrome two months earlier- when falling asleep I felt a weird noise like electric shock and saw bright like in my eyes. Then I didn't even know that could be exploding head syndrome, so I head to Google and search about that kind of experience. The Google search lead me to a forum and there, someone mentioned that such kind of feeling occur with brain tomor. I literally had a panic that night after reading that. I couldn't sleep and my body was shaking, trembling. I cried that night. I was very scared because my brother - not same mother died of brain tumor and I saw what the excruciating pain he went through.
I became very anxious since then because I believe I have a tumor. I'm always worried and couldn't sleep in the night and my head feel weird. The first sensation I had went away but my scalp still feel weird. It feels like itching or little tightness on the right side of my scalp and some funny sensation like crawling on my head. So I thought it was because I'm not sleeping well. I was scared of going to the md because I'm afraid they may confirm my suspicion.
I lived with anxiety and insomnia for over month before I summoned a courage to visit a MD. After explaining everything to him, he referred me to psychiatry, the psychiatry say I should just calm down and I would be sleeping fine.
I came back home but still couldn't stop worrying about the tumor so I wasn't getting enough sleep- just 3 hours a day. I was walking one day when I felt a problem of pickle in my leg. I became scared and worried again. Then episodes of pin and needles followed. I was searching forum about insomnia when I met someone that faced similar issue. We talked on phone and he calmed down and give me sime tips. I become less worried and my sleep is improving. The pin and needles feeling went away completely but still I was little anxious. Anytime I went to bed, my mind would tell me I may experience exploding head syndrome or sleep paralysis again but I was still having no difficulty sleeping.
it has been almost a month now my sleep pattern improved but I'm still feeling a sensation that feels like crawling, fizzing, itching, bubble on my scalp. Sometimes if I'm busy or occupied, it went away but once I remember it and I'm like where it is, it will come back. It also stops once I placed my hand on my head.
Last few days it spreads the intensity of the sensation reduced on my scalp and spread to some areas on my forehead.
I am also having the problem of anytime I think or read about a Patriculr symptoms of a disease, the symptoms would start manifesting on me but will stop when I forget about..
There was time I was searching on Google because I felt like I was choking, I saw that it could be liver issue and other symptoms include itching on the skin. I started feeling the itchiness not long after reading that. The choking went away after some days and the itchiness went away completely. Even before this crawling/bubble spread to my face, I thought about it that it may spread to my face and cause me facial numbness. And boom after few days, it's already there.
Now when I am walking sometimes , I feel little tingling in my right leg that run from my patella to my thigh. Few days back I felt a little ache at the extreme of my index finger in the night and some time toe and it went away few hours later.
I always bathe with hot water before going to bed since my first incident yesterday I didn't and the sensation on my head is very less today.
Could this sensation on the scalp and little tingling on the leg be an early symptoms of ms?





  1. Hi , thank you so much for reaching out to the community. I understand how scary these symptoms must feel, and I can't even imagine how stressful the last 4 months have been for you. Googling medical symptoms can be helpful but it also can make you fear the very worst! While we can't provide medical advice for your safety, I encourage you to let your doctor know about these symptoms. You might even want to consider seeking out a second opinion from another doctor to ensure you're getting the proper care and attention you need.

    Additionally, here are some articles on our site about some of the symptoms you've mentioned: and

    And a forum discussion going on here about crawling sensation on the scalp:

    I hope you get some answers and peace of mind soon. We are all here for you and thinking of you. Please keep us posted on how you're doing, if you feel comfortable doing so.

    Best wishes, Shelby, Team Member

    1. Thank you for taking your time to reply me. I have gone through all the thread but none describe how I feel. I can not even say the sensation is crawling.. I don't know how to describe it. Sometimes it feels like something just drop on my forehead.
      And mine stop once I place my head on the spot or was focusing on something not the sensation. If I start playing games on my phone, and focus on it. The sensation completely stops.
      I used to have tremor when I was sleep deprive but it went away now that I'm getting better sleep.
      I would visit my doc next week and update you how it goes.

  2. Many factors go into determining if a combination of symptoms may or may not be associated with a medical condition. If you are concerned that you may have Multiple Sclerosis or any other medical condition, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with a specialist who can conduct an appropriate health screening and diagnostic testing. You say you are afraid to see a doctor for fear of what you may find out. However, I suggest that if you consider the fact that if you do have something wrong the sooner you find out the better your chances of finding a cure or treatment. For your peace of mind and to improve the success rate if there is an issue of any type, please schedule an appoint soon with your primary care doctor or another specialist. Donna Steigleder, Moderator.

    1. Hi Aminu99, i was wondering if you ever got diagnosed of your condition? i been gettinf almost the same symptoms in the last 3 months, did blood work, went to a Neurologist, and he thinks im fine, that maybe i have something called Paresthesia.. but im not completely sure if that's accurate.
      The sensations in the head come and go through out the day, it's very strange feeling..

      I'm kind of lost.. since no one seems to knows what i have.. and it's very frustrating.. it's not going away. Let's keep in touch and see we can find an answer to this.

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