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Could this be MS?

Hi, about a month ago I went to my PCP due to having facial pain and ptosis (drooping) of my left eye that was accompanied with with minor facial swelling and shooting pain through my eye. He thought I had trigeminal neuralgia and ordered an MRI of the brain. When I called for the results the girl told me the results were normal.

Twitches, pain, and hypersensitivity

Since then I have started having muscle twitches all over my body in areas I didn’t even know could twitch (shoulders, arms, face, eye, lips, legs, and feet). I have been experiencing pain in both of my legs. The pain is very difficult to describe. They feel like growing pains mixed with pins and needles along with numbness. Sometimes the muscles in my calves tighten up like a cramp. My feet have also been burning like I have neuropathy. My legs are pretty hypersensitive to touch and in some areas feel bruised when touched...

Could this be symptoms of MS?

My question is, could this possibly be MS? I sometimes lose my balance and trip over my feet. My legs keep bruises from running into things, but I just summed it up to being clumsy or tired. I have an appointment with a neurologist who actually specializes in MS but until then I’m lost. Nothing controls the pain. I eat ibuprofen and nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  1. Hi kelcbrooke, I'm glad you have an appointment with a neurologist. It could be, it could be something else too. Many of those symptoms do jive with MS, however, a specialist really needs to look at your MRI and probably order a new MRI as well (many times they need to look at both the brain AND the spinal cord). Additional tests may be needed as well. It's good you are seeing a specialist though, because it really does take an expert to make the diagnosis.

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