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Couldn’t stop typing!

Thankyou for the kind notes back to me! I just don’t get it!m…I have so many MS lesion all in the locations to meet the McDonald criteria and older criteria also.
I have maxed out all the disability scales! I have had the most intolerable symptoms & disabling pain that goes well over 10/10!
I have a disability pension, odsp and disability tax…use cane, walker and wheel chair, I don’t know what more these doctors need from me. All I have ever asked for is a little relief & peace even if it’s only for a short time! Been alone for 19 years raising my three children & hiding my pain…It’s been a lonely & long hall getting from 2007-2023 feeling this way 24/7!
My doctors have pretty much given up fighting to save me from this Horrible, unforgiving, misunderstood and relentless nightmare called MS!
“I’m Still Here & I Will Never Stop Chasing My Dream…“Of Never Hearing My Grand Babies Say…Are You Ok Gramma, Can You Play With Us Today”
Thanks for letting me vent and being part of your group…good luck to everyone! Thankyou

  1. I just want to acknowledge just how much you're going through right now and the strength it takes to handle all of that. Dealing with this for over 19 years surely has come with some ups and downs and to still have the mindset to be positive and push through speaks of how much of a warrior you are. I truly hope relief finds you soon and continue to give yourself grace along the way, especially when the hard times come. Take things one day at a time and I promise it will get better. All the best, - Latoya (Team Member)

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