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I have seen 4 Neurologists & 2 MS Clinic Neurologists & All have said...."MS Does Not Cause Pain"
QUESTION...Can/Does MS Cause Pain?

  1. Holy cow. How can any knowledgeable MD or neuro even say something like that. We all have our own issues as MS is many things, but pain appears to be a common symptom most of us have. Where do you live and who are these people????

    1. Thankyou for replying...I have hit dead end after dead end trying to find a Doc that can diagnose me with some kind of reason why I suffered for so long! I have read several hundreds of case reports, journals, abstracts about my symptoms...Doc's just won't commit! 2012 MRI met Barcroft Criteria 75%... 2019 MRI Met McDonald Critera100% & I Max Out Every Disability Scale That RelatesTo MS, Permanently Disabled in 2008. Dead ended again! ach app't ends"MS Doesn't Cause Pain" Neurologists have said that "There are so many people Undiagnosed" So My fight for help will continue into 2021!
      Thankyou for taking the time to reading note!

  2. We all know that is not true! A Dartmouth professor told me that one time. We were related at that time, so I let it pass! Ridiculous! And he taught clinical psychology and I’m a psychotherapist. Thinking back I should have asked how he knew this! Get tired sometimes. Worked in a hospital for twenty years. Pompous pretentious people never cease to amaze me.

    1. MS can cause pain.. and so much more. A dr that says MS causes no pain, is one that does not know about MS.

      1. With you all. On the other hand, how could someone without facing such challenges on a daily basis, possibly understand? On the bright side I have the best neurologist ever, Dr. John MacKenzie in Prescott, Arizona. Have seen so many others I have lost count! Intelligence, research, understanding, kindness, not to mention education, sets this physician far apart from so many I have seen over the 34 years of MS, and moving all around the country! God bless everyone! Merry Christmas, Kathleen Woolley, BA, BA, MA.

    2. Hopeless - Any doctor that says MS does nor cause pain is definitely someone that you should not go to. Please seek to see and make an appointment with a qualified neurologist or a MS specialist neurologist.

      1. Hi @vvxjr9 I totally agree. If a neurologist tells a patient with confirmed MS that it doesn't cause pain, that patient needs to move on to a specialist.
        Best, Tamara, community advocate

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