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Has anyone been told cow's milk and dairy products are bad for MS?

My daughter was reading on reputable sites that cow's milk can actually cause MS lesions to form and should be avoided. I have drunk 3 big glasses of milk daily my entire life. Even started drinking milkshakes every day trying to gain weight. She noticed when I had a milkshake the next day I had lots of pain.

If you have not been told of this connection I suggest you research if you are a big dairy product lover. I will not drink any more milk and certainly never a milkshake again. Please let me know if you have experience or knowledge of this connection. Arvilla

  1. Hi ! Thanks for sharing your concern. There are some studies that show dairy products can make MS symptoms worse, but no large or definitive studies have been conducted yet. It can't hurt to avoid it and see whether it helps. Just make sure you make up for those lost nutrients. Here is an article about MS and diet that might interest you. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Lori,
      Thanks for sending the article. I have stopped my major milk consumption as of yesterday. Now, I have to find a way to get lots and lots of calories since I am back down to 103 lbs. and I am 5'7", so for sure I need something to replace the milkshakes. My favorite food ever is doughnuts, but I guess that would not be good to load up on either.

      After I go 2-3 weeks with no milk products, I will be able to give you a progress report.

      1. Hi chong61, I can't speak for everyone else but dairy of all types is bad for my MS. Really bad. Milk, cheese, A2 varieties, goats cheese/milk, grass fed butter. I can getaway with a teaspoon of Greek Yogurt but i don't risk it. Some of my biggest MS flare ups came on after eating dairy. You can get your calcium elsewhere.

        1. I stopped both dairy and gluten about a year and a half ago( before my ms diagnosis) do to ibs issues. I now notice I can not tolerate even the smallest amount of dairy at all! Good thing I have found lots of dairy free products to replace my favorites! I really love the Daiya brand cheese’s!!

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