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Has anyone with MS had luck following a particular diet?

I found that a lower-carb diet, not a low-carb diet, worked well for me. I had an emotional setback and didn’t follow it during that time period as I should have. Prior to that, I had lost 50 pounds over a 4 1/2 to 5 month period. I’m trying to get back on track.

  1. many people have, though not me. Someone on this site with help you for sure.

    1. Thank you JudyVarley! Looking forward to the community’s responses.


      1. For us, being over 72 and 82, me with MS since age 16, we grew up on meat, potatoes and vegetables. We pretty much keep the same diet. We watch carbs and sugars pretty close, my husband has diabetes, I do not. For me, with many, many of the usual issues, basically I am extremely healthy. No diabetes, in spite of my entire maternal family members had it, no heart issues, in spite of my entire paternal family members had it, so, I kind of go with the flow. I have remained very active my entire adult life, six sons, worked as a paralegal until retirement, had four sons in marching band, and so on and son on. I have been OCD since age 6, and I think I was what they now called overly active kids ADHD. My grandmother which whom I lived as a child, always put a half cup of coffee in my milk in the mornings, she said to warm it up. I think she knew something way back then. Today the meds for ADHD appear to be replaceable with a cup of coffee. hmmmmmmmmm. Anyhow, I have zero advice for anyone else, because I have spent most of my life ignoring all of it. Now at my age and way less mobility, I still am OCD, but now I realize that that issue has kept me on a go go go go schedule my entire life. I cannot walk very far anymore. A walk with my walker around the entire floor of the condo complex where I live is about all I can handle. I stay active at home still doing pretty much everything I always have, but way way slower. Now I look at my OCD ad ADHD as the very reason I am still so active. The OCD especially drives my husband nuts. My only thoughts to pass on is to do what makes you feel your best and makes you as happy as possible. That is true for everyone regardless of what issues you carry.

        1. I'd have to say yes as I managed to self-rehabilitate myself after following my own Regimen of Diet & Exercise.
          I've been 95% Ambulatory and walking each and every day since 1996

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