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Trying to apply for disability. Any information or advice?

  1. Hi qa04wj! Here is some information on the SSDI application process that you might find helpful -- This will be a good place to start. Many of our members recommend using a lawyer, but that is completely up to you. Some people have their application approved with out using a lawyer. Documentation and 'dotting every I and crossing every t" seems to be a common tip from the community.

    I do hope you get some community feedback on the process that will help the process a little smoother for you.

    Good luck!

    Best, Erin, Team Member

    1. H< I went on to the New York State site for Disability. Filled out there questionaire. Then waited for them to collect the information from my Doctoers. It took about a month before I was accepted. Good Luck Deb

      1. I live in NC and despite my diagnosis of RRMS & a host of other health issues I have swiftly been denied three times. Three times! I have sent in all the necessary information and even all my doctors are on board. I have to wait for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge in eighteen months. I even have a permanent handicap placard.

        1. I feel for ya, I was dx I 2001, had to stop working 6 months ago and was denied disability also. Now I have to wait 20 months to go to judge also. I’ve retained a lawyer and Now have to hope it works out. I have too many ms issues to from my ms to list , but a couple main things is the pain in my feet when I stand on them for more than couple hours and cognitive issues. It just seems crazy that they don’t put ms under a special classification when applying for disability. It is just devistating to ms sufferers and their families. Prayers to all of us.

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