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Disability Insurance questions

I have been on long term disability through my past employer for about 10 years now. The insurance company required me to apply for SSDI and helped to get me approved which was great. However they are trying to find any reason to stop my LTD payments. Of course i get it they are a business but without that income I will have a hard time.
So this past week a gentleman from the insurance company called to set up an appointment to come and meet with me in person. He said he is an adjuster for the company. he wants me to provide a years worth of pharmacy records and was vague about any other information. Should I be concerned??? What information should I not provide if any???
any suggestions would be welcomed as this has never before occurred in the 10 years I have been on LTD.
Thanks in advance

  1. Hi bknurs32! While I do not have personal experience with this situation, I would proceed with caution. I think it's a little worrisome that the adjuster was vague about what other paperwork he may want to see. I think it would be wise to contact an insurance specialist or even a lawyer that specializes in SSDI and LTD insurance cases. I realize that a lawyer may charge a fee, but you may able to get some legal advice that can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. You can look online for reputable sites for legal advice and tips, but be cautious about which sites you use and what kind of information you disclose online, for your safety.

    I don't want to alarm you and the adjuster may just be checking to make sure you are not committing insurance fraud (which you are obviously not).

    I wish you the best of luck and please keep us posted!

    Best, Erin, Team Member

    1. I have also been on LTD through my previous employer and also for about 10 years. I'm experiencing the same thing. I recentybwhad my payment reduced because of an error they made. And they recently sent me a letter demanding a copy of my tax return. Including any W2s from little part time jobs. You can't live on LYD or SSDI!
      What a hassle!

      1. So sorry you're experiencing this, Sue. Hoping everything gets worked out for the best.
        Meagan, Team Member

    2. I was on LTD through my previous employer. I had no trouble getting on it; however, they do look for every opportunity to drop people. Insurance companies are not altruistic.

      Many people with m.s., including myself, have good days and bad. If you are on LTD and communicate with your insurance company, you need to express the bad. In this case, it's ok to be negative.

      I was dropped after about 3 years with my LTD insurance company. If you google the insurance company's name, you will see how common the practice is. They put me under surveillance and used a doctor who had never seen me to make conclusions about my condition.

      I was living on less than $2,000 month and would have been destitute if it weren't for friends and family. I finally contacted an attorney who worked on a contingency. A year later, I learned a settlement is being offered from the company. It's not the amount of the initial contract, but at least it's something.

      Moderator, can I name the insurance company?

      1. Hi Nanny,

        I'm sorry that you had to go through so much with the LTD insurance company. It's good that you will be receiving something from the settlement. We appreciate that you have chosen not to name the company in this open forum.

        Best, Lisa, moderator

    3. This is disturbing, especially as many of our significant others leave due to the hardships of living with someone with MS. What do we do then? Eat cat food and be homeless? The ms society should be addressing this as a concern. Too many people are falling through the cracks.

      1. Hi Drmak,
        Have you reached out to the MS Society? They may provide some type of assistance.

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