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Do you blame MS?

  1. I was first diagnosed with possible MS in 1993 I received a definite diagnosis in 2002. I been through a lot and I blamed MS a lot for everything that was happening to me. Now I don't. I do question weather MS has a hand in some of my problems. Especially when there is no concreat answer for what is happening to me. But most times I have a laugh at how this diagnoses has made some things new again. Like a movie I can watch over again or a joke that is funny like for the first time.

    1. Yes. My son is starting to look at college's. I can't go with him, to tired or can't walk that far. So yes there are day when I blame my MS. When I see disappointment in his eyes I blame my MS.

      1. Yes, I blame MS. I fight the battle everyday, and know it is the enemy! After 13 years, I am rarely angry, just annoyed. This was the fight I was given. I don't have to like it. I just remember that if some new symptom comes up, not to automatically blame MS and dismiss it, and I don't want others to do it either who know about my disease. Many of us have multiple issues. I have osteoarthritis, courtesy of all the steroids in the early years, and depression and anxiety, which I had prior to diagnosis and which is just anger turned inward. I have drop foot in both feet, and just started wearing braces as a means to keep me upright longer. The first 10 years were less difficult and taxing. Now it is an everyday fight. I don't want anyone to diminish it. People want you to be a warrior and be positive because THAT doesn't make them uncomfortable. Illness does. And those people are worried mostly about how it will affect them. So be angry! Those who love you will understand.

        1. Yes I blame MS. It also contributed to the loss my career, my marriage, and the ability to fully use up every moment of the day. What I mean by that is being able to go to the grocery store then come home and cook dinner. I run out of steam and can’t finish! And the pain! Nobody can imagine the pain and what’s worse? So many people don’t believe you’re in pain because they can’t see anything wrong with you. Just so people reading this understands, I don’t dwell on this and I truly work at keeping a positive attitude. I’m very blessed with a great support system; my family, my church family/friends, and my gym friends. I try to stay active and social but there are times when the bed calls me loudly and I have to change my plans. MS is a bully and a thief!

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