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Does anyone know when there might be a cure for MS?

Does anyone know when there might be a cure for MS? I was diagnosed in 1995!!! Also who gets a lot of headaches I get them everyday?

  1. I get many headaches. Diagnosed in 1990

    1. Hi Lightweaver -
      You're not alone! Here is an article about migraines and MS that you may be interested in reading;
      Best - Meagan, Team Member

  2. Hi Linda! I wish I could give you a great answer, like, "A cure will be found in 2019!" Unfortunately, I can't say that. While discoveries and strides forward are being made each and every year, it's hard to predict when a real cure will be a reality. For the sake of everyone touched by MS, I know we can all agree that a cure can't come soon enough! Thanks for asking such an important, honest question. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Ive got a book called medical medium and it goes into a the fact that there is a cure. And then there is real case studys and stories about people that have cured themself.

      Hope this was helpful

      1. Does anyone know when we will get cured from MS

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