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Drained from the HEAT 🥵

My energy is donut 🍩, I have a 22 month old and work part-time for the county I live in at an Aquatic and Recreation Center. Thankfully they have air conditioning but when I step outside I immediately feel as though there is no oxygen.

  1. Thank you for sharing how the heat affects you. I'm sorry to hear that it has that strong of an affect 😔 I'm so curious, if you don't mind me asking, what do you do at the aquatic and recreation center? I ask because we've talked about water rehabilitation on the site before and am curious if that's something you do there. 🧡 Kayleigh, team

    1. I work at the front desk part time. When I am able to use the pool I will and the warm water is like a comfortably warm bath 😊 There are options for PT and adaptive swimming lessons, but those have to be signed up and paid for.

    2. that’s awesome that you can use the facilities when you’re there! I’m glad that you have access to the pool to relax and unwind. It sounds like they keep it at the perfect temperature too. Just reading your words had me thinking ‘I wonder where the nearest pool to me is right now.’ 😊 Thanks again for sharing! Sending well wishes for the rest of your summer and wishing you the best of luck for this giveaway! 🧡 Kayleigh, team

  2. Thank you Kayleigh 😊

    1. Hot showers drain what little energy I have from my body. I always wondered about hot baths. I have cramps so bad and I think it might help. Does the heat affect you much? Thanks.

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