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Extreme Fatigue

I have been battling extreme chronic fatigue for about a month and a half now. I have to take several naps a day and I'm still in bed early at night. I also have a very high anxiety issue I'm on treatment for. So when my dr prescribed medication that was supposed to help, even with all the anti-anxiety medications I'm on, I could not take the medication because it made me a nervous wreck. My vision in my left eye is getting worse and now I find it hard to type and I'm in a MS fog most of the time. I'm on copaxone so I'm not sure what other help there is to help with these symptoms. All I know is that it has stopped any life I had. Any suggestions out there that can help?

  1. Hi Laura,

    We are sorry to hear about your chronic fatigue. You may want to check out this article on the management of MS fatigue:

    Let us know if it helped.

    MS Team

    1. Does anyone know of how to obtain funding to purchase an adjustable bed? Part of my sleeping issues are that I toss and turn trying to get comfortable laying on a flat bed. I do not make enough on disability to afford to buy one or make payments on one. Having MS causes you to have to see many specialists, not just your neurologist because of the area's of your body it affects. Pain specialists, urologists, eye doctors for the constant change in vision, ect, not to mention the cost of all the medications. MS is an expensive disease! So one area that I really need help in is getting an adjustable bed so that I can adjust the bed as I need to at night. I need help with all of these medical expenses. But at the moment I'm just looking for any funding that would help me in obtaining an adjustable bed.
      Thank you,

      1. Hi Laura,

        It's a long shot, but maybe you could try to receive a "Brighter Tomorrow Grant" from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Applications are accepted during the summer months.


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