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Long before I was diagnosed with MS I had problems with fatigue, which have only gotten worse, and I know this is a problem that is widely shared. I'm wondering about the differences between Amantidine and Modafanil. Have any of you had experiences with both drugs? How would you rate their effectiveness? I'm sure some of the differences have to do with the individual patient, just like MS is different for each of us. Still, I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences.

  1. Hi poetgirrl! While I don't have any information or experience with these medications, you are welcome to pose this question to our facebook community and see if you get more feedback there -- I hope this helps and best of luck getting some input on your questions! Thanks, Erin, Team Member.

    1. When I first got MS I was given Ritalin for fatigue. However it has a downward cliff when the dosage wears off and then you doubly tired.
      I have been on Modafanil for about 15 years not. It is an immunomodulator and NOT an amphetamine, therefore you dont have to worry about addiction or taking a second dose. I have found it very effective. I started on one a day. About 5 years later I went to one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Another 5 years later I would take 2 in the morning along with the amantadine. It was very effective. The amantadine gives the Modafanil a kick. I couldnt make it without my Modafanil. I do not have any side effects, withdrawals, or fear of addiction. Good luck

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience, 1mcy347. We're glad to hear that you found something that's so efficacious for you!

        We're glad that you're here. - All Best, Donna ( team)

        1. My wife has taken Modafanil for about 15 years too. She takes two in the morning and sometime up to 2 at noon. It has been an effective treatment for her fatigue.

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