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I hate the fatigue sometimes I fell likes people look at me and think I'm just lazy. I'm very lucky to have a very understanding husband. He is excellent at picking up when I just can't continue. I take Modafinil just to help me stay awake are there any more suggestions?

  1. , I hear you about the fatigue! I don't think people understand that MS related fatigue is not like, "I'm a little fatigued because I slept poorly last night". It's so much more than that.

    Do you feel like the Modafinil helps?

    Also, our members have shared some of their tips for managing fatigue. Here's one piece from one of our contributors that I thought you might find helpful -- And here's a compilation of answers on the age old question of getting a good night's sleep -- I know that's slightly off topic from your question, but I figure, we all can use more tips for getting quality sleep. I also like this blog post one of our members shared from her personal blog --

    I hope these links prove helpful and you find some tips worth trying!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I understand, fatigue can be one of the absolute worse symptoms. It's doubly worse because others simply can't understand unless they've experienced it firsthand. I'm glad you understand how Modafinil works, a lot of folks take it and think it will drastically help without understanding it (more about that here There aren't a ton of other great options, although some people are helped by trying adderall. I find that keeping to a routine helps me a bit, I also try to make the most of the good days and try to cut myself some slack on the tough ones. Other than that, I do my best to educate those close to me about the disease and about fatigue so they can have a better understanding. I know those don't sound super promising, but I think when it comes to fatigue, attacking the problem from multiple areas can really make it more bearable.

      1. Ugh, I am so sorry to hear that . It really sounds to me that you need a new MS specialist, one that will listen to you and believe you, as you deserve.

      2. That must be incredibly frustrating that neither doctor would address your concerns with being tired. You are definitely worthy of good care and even though you've already seen two neurologists a third opinion might be a good idea. It's even more tiresome just looking for another doctor but getting proper care is vital as you know. It sounds like you are truly advocating for yourself and not being heard. I hope you are able to find a neurologist who actively listens to your concerns because you deserve that. Please know you are not alone in this and we're here for your support.
        Hang in there,
        Kim (Team Member)

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